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Diflucan (fluconazole) is a medication that could be used for the procedure of fungus infections having an effect on various parts of your physical body. In some cases this medicine could be prescribed to avoid infection in people whose immune system as been damaged due to some therapy (anti cancer procedure as an example). The fluid type has to be shaken well prior to being made use of to make certain the medicine is mixed equally. Your symptoms may improve but that does not always mean your infection has actually been entirely addressed. If you stop the procedure prior to it's time, Make sure you carry on taking Diflucan to prevent a regression of infection that is possible. Serious adverse effects are rather unusual but however possible and have to be stated directly to your medical supplier the following ones are often reported: seizure, physical body aches, clay-colored feces, reduction of cravings, influenza signs, unusual weak point, tummy discomfort, simple blemishing or bleeding, fever, red skin rash, and extreme blistering. Diflucan could cause a couple of light negative side effects that normally disappear by themselves, for instance throwing up, irritating, diarrhea, skin breakout, upset belly, hassle, dizziness, and moderate queasiness.

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