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Diflucan (fluconazole) is at times prescribed for the procedure of fungus infections, including yeast infections of the blood, mouth, vaginal area and other organs. Taking Diflucan is related to a variety of moderate and more major negative side effects that you will need to take into consideration. The following moderate negative effects are feasible: tummy discomfort, diarrhea, change in potential to taste meals, headache, pyrosis ( heartburn ), and lightheadedness. The adverse effects mentioned are thought about a typical response of your body while trying to adapt to the dose suggested. You will certainly should see to it those signs go away, or else report them to your healthcare service provider. If you get additional serious negative side effects - they should be reported straightaway. The following ones are taken into consideration serious: itching, lack of energy, pale stools, nausea, difficulty breathing or ingesting, unusual wounding or bleeding, harsh tiredness, hives, seizures, reduction of hunger, dark pee, and breakout. If you occurred to miss your amount of Diflucan - take it as early as you skip the dosage or remember missed if it's almost time for one more one. You could be recommended to take a double dosage on the initial day of your therapy - yet ensure you don't take double doses at all unless suggested or else.

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