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Diflucan (fluconazole) is a medicine specifically planned for people with fungus infections that really need to be taking some medicine to decrease down the reproduction of fungis. This medicine is to be taken throughout the entire period of procedure although you signs may seem to enhance after simply a few days. This medicine is FDA maternity classification C, which indicates it could be dangerous to a coming child. If you are expectant, or are going to conceive, you need to inform the doctor about that. If you are nursing, taking Diflucan might not be recommended to stay away from hurting your nursing baby. Let your physician know if during the therapy you obtain such serious side results as seizures, hives, itching, severe tiredness, breakout, pale feces, queasiness, absence of power, problem breathing or ingesting, dark urine, loss of hunger, unusual blemishing or bleeding. There is no requirement to contact your medical professional if you have a few mild negative effects as belly pain, heartburn ( pyrosis ), adjustment in potential to taste meals, looseness of the bowels, dizziness, or problem. Take Diflucan as suggested - ensure you never ever go over the dose advised or utilize this medicine more commonly than necessary, as this is not likely to enhance the efficiency of your treatment.

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