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If he believes your yeast infection could be addressed with it, Diflucan (fluconazole) can be recommended by your health and wellness treatment supplier. If you are being managed with radiation or chemotherapy and there's a risk you may develop a yeast infection, you may additionally really need to be making use of Diflucan. Make certain you never chare this medicine with other individuals to whom it was not suggested. Take Diflucan as often times a day as prescribed yet stay clear of taking as well much of it. Taking more of Diflucan is not going to help you get additional perks from your treatment, so make certain you constantly take the right dosage advised. If you are using any sort of medicines that can influence the success of your treatment, tell your physician. The following ones are known to do that: benzodiazepines, valproic acid, cyclosporine, disopyramide, erythromycin, dental medicines for diabetes, diuretics, quinidine, isoniazid, rifampin, clopidogrel, rifabutin, phenytoin, and theophylline. You must never begin taking Diflucan if you have actually ever been sensitive to terconazole, miconazole, sertaconazole, econazole, clotrimazole, voriconazole, tioconazole, ketoconazole, sulconazole, or in fact fluconazole.

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