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Diflucan (fluconazole) is meant for the treatment of a large range of fungus infections, including infections of the lungs, blood, abdomen, neck, vagina and mouth. It's important that you clearly comprehend the distinction in between mild and much more severe side effects Diflucan may cause. If you have hassle, belly diarrhea, dizziness and pain there is no have to obtain anxious, as these few negative effects are most likely to disappear on their very own. At the exact same time there are such significant negative side effects as unusual fatigue, seizures, dark urine, irritating, difficulty breathing or swallowing, unusual bruising or bleeding, reduction of cravings, yellowing of the skin or eyes, breakout, hives, flu-like symptoms, indigestion, and swelling of the face. These must be stated to a qualified health professional as quickly as possible to stop the situation from getting even worse. Make sure you tell your doctor regarding any various other symptoms you create. Keep this medicine unreachable of youngsters and other individuals to which it was not recommended. Also if you think a person has the very same signs and requires Diflucan do not share your drug with them, as every individual should first be reviewed by a qualified professional prior to taking this medicine

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