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Diflucan (fluconazole) could be prescribed for individuals with any infections created by reproduction of fungi. It can manage yeast infections and meningitis triggered by fungi. Make certain you constantly take Diflucan precisely as suggested and never exceed the dose suggested. An overdose of Diflucan is not anticipated to produce life-threatening results, find emergency situation clinical aid if you think you might have taken too a lot of this medication. Your physician needs to understand your complete case history in order to suggest Diflucan and make sure it's risk-free for you and will certainly not cause substantial negative effects. The following medical conditions will really need to be reported to your health care service provider: renal system disease, cardiovascular disease, cancer, AIDS, liver disease., irregular heart beat, and other ones. Mild negative effects of Diflucan include problem, looseness of the bowels, pyrosis ( heartburn ), change in potential to try stomach, meals, and lightheadedness discomfort. They often appear at the beginning of the procedure and disappear on their very own. A lot more major negative side effects, such as unusual wounding or hemorrhaging, pale feces, seizures, hives, lack of electricity, harsh tiredness, itching, difficulty breathing or ingesting, dark pee, reduction of nausea, rash, or cravings, have to be mentioned to your physician.

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